Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lots of love at Walmart

Ok, so today so far hasn't all been that bad. I have only worked 4 hours, and I went home to blog about this on my lunch break. Other than being confronted by my ZMS ( Zone Manager ), I haven't had any issues with management today. The ZMS came up to me earlier and tried to show me this new system about how to print up meal and lunch breaks. This all came up from a sit down she gave me yesterday, as they gave me a sit down couching about taking lunch the same time as other people. I told the ZMS, and AM ( Assistant Manager ) that they should look at the new paper they just showed me how to look up. I showed them that the paper states that me and the other person they are complaining about have the same lunch period. Apparently they get testy about this, and wanted to complain that I shouldn't actually follow what they showed me but use it was a guide. It seems everytime they show me something, and I show them I did what they asked they try and make an excuse that I should know better. I'll be honest, I'm really getting tired of people trying to run an area they don't understand. I have been with the company for awhile now and I've actually learned how to run my department pretty well now. I haven't failed a compliance walk, nor have I had issues with any paper work on state, or management walks. The claims have been serverely reduced, and things have been running well. Even with these factors in place since I've taken over they still complain, and add more tasks to my scedule. So many tasks now that I'm not even capable of doing all the compliance work I'm suppose to do on a daily basis. They claim I don't do anything, and that they want to add more tasks to me. These tasks really fall on another member of management, who isn't capable of completing them. If I'm doing so badly, why am I spending about 80% of my time doing their work than mine? Obviously they are contradicting themselves since if I'm failing in my department how could I spare so much of my time helping others? Anyways, it's time for me to go back to work, and I shall post what happens when I get back.

Welcome everyone!

Woo, my first time to create a blog. From what I’ve been told this is suppose to be a place where you write down your thoughts, and randomness. So I shall start, and see how long I actually continue this. I’m not going to lie as this will probably be really boring, but an easy way for me to look back at what has happened in my life. Right now my life pretty much revolves around a big company I work for. Lets just say the code name for this company is “Wal-Mart’. I’m not going to sit here and throw praise and I’ll be honest that I should probably be happy that I have a job. Right now the job market is pretty hard, and for someone who hasn’t completed college even harder. I have worked other jobs, and I loved them. I was offered to move to Chicago from California if I wanted to keep my last job as they closed down their LA office. Sadly my life is needed here with my family as I support them and I wasn’t capable of moving. Are you already bored? Well it’s only going to get more boring!